Applewood Acres Market Garden


Local, Naturally grown fresh produce for everyone

Welcome to Applewood Acres, we are a NEW small business in Suffolk, who lovingly grow Microgreens, Baby Leaf Salad, and Edible Flowers for anyone who enjoys hand nurtured, delicious, naturally grown produce! Without the use of pesticides and other nasties! We work on the principles of vegan permaculture. Dave & myself are the main growers on our 3-acre micro-farm, where we are very proud of our new 'NO DIG' growing system and wildlife-friendly 'stock-free' farming system.

Home of our delicious 'VEGAN'

Honey & Lemon Curd Alternatives!

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'Hunny Bee Vegan'
'Vegan Lemon Curd'
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We are Vlogging the whole set up process of our farm, so if you'd like to watch us turning a bare field into a fully functioning Market Garden, see our video series by clicking the link below...

                             Checking the Microgreens
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                             Jo in the nursery tunnel

“Not only are Jo and Dave passionate about their plant produce, but also about the environment, growing as nature intended, no pesticides, no insecticides, non-GMO, or artificial enhancements. 

They activily encourage beneficial insects, wildlife & using companion planting to their growing site, working with nature, not against it, in order to produce some of the most delicious Baby greens and flowers.

Want to know more? check out their OPEN DAYS & COURSES here.

Foraged & Farm bouquets to order
Picked fresh here on our farm for you.

Beautiful Bouquet for just £10
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When you request a unique bouquet from Applewood Acres, it truly is special, each flower is handpicked and carefully selected just for you, no two bouquets are the same, Jo will put together a dreamy, whimsical arrangement from some of the most gorgeous flowers here on the farm.

Not being a trained florist has actually been a blessing for Jo, because she uses her romantic and natural feel for her bouquets, which can be a difficult find within conventional outlets.

Free delivery within Bentley & Capel st Mary.

Applewood Acres bouquets feature (NATURAL ie no pesticides etc) lovingly-grown flowers such as sunflowers, snapdragons, asters, geums, baby's breath, greek cress, zinnias, gladioli (Jo's absolute favourite!) Rose, Stock, Grasses, Celosia, Ox-Eye Daisy and various other greenery she finds around the farm to fill the bouquet with love and romance.

Order yours today!

Collection from the farm or free local delivery to Bentley or Capel St Mary.

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