Meet our Rescue Animals

Giving a loving home to a vulnerable animal, is the least we can do.

We are a small vegan Market Garden first and foremost, but with a little space, comes the opportunity to help just a few animals in need.

We are not a rescue centre and take our hats off to those who do that work tirelessly throughout the world helping animals of all shapes and sizes.

Dave and I (Jo), are just two people who care and have dedicated their lives to helping animals, nature and wildlife in a way that fits our lifestyle and ability here, in a small corner of the Suffolk countryside. 


Meet our Animals

We are blessed to share our lives with such beautiful souls, below are the precious animals and their story of how they came to live with us here at Applewood Acres.

If you would like to support our little farm and its animal friends, please find a donation button below, every little bit helps towards the cost of feed, fencing, bedding, housing, treats, toys, and vet bills.

Please know that your donation is very much apreciated.


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ONZIE (see photos above)

Meet little Onzie, our X international polo pony, who came to us in January 2020 thanks to our friends who notified us of his plight.

His story is quite remarkable, he had traveled the world playing high goal polo, owned by royalty, and was highly regarded.


But like most polo ponies, as they age, they end up with leg issues, unable to work.

Little Onzie was 20 years old and about to be shot, yes, shot, due to his age and unable to work because of constant lameness.

We of course stepped in and offered him a chance at a forever-loving retirement home. All he needed was some TLC, hoof management and he was on the mend.

Onzie is the sweetest pony standing around 15hh, he is slightly blind in one of his eyes, probably caused by a polo ball hitting him, but an absolutely sensitive, quiet little man. It took a while to gain his trust, but 1 year on, he is happy, LOVES food!!! and after months of trying to show him, carrots were delicious! (he honestly did not know how to eat one) he finally realized they were yummy, and now loves his morning carrots in his bucket feed. 

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(Very sadly, Ollie transitioned to heaven recently, we miss him dearly, and always will)

Ollie was with us for 14 years, literally thrown in my arms as at a petrol station car park by a traveller at just a few weeks old, he has become a huge part of our life (as with all our animals).

He is quiet, but naughty still lol, he doesn't really like to play with toys, but LOVES a slice of bread as a treat in the morning! 

As an old man now, he is a little stiff, but his magnet collar is helping, he has lumps and bumps, but he is happy, he is often found wrapped up in his blanky (he loves blankets) in his bed in front of the log burner or out on the field with two coats on sniffing the air! Ollie is great around the chickens and Ducks, in fact when we rescued our Turkeys, he loved spending time with them. He's a lovely precious boy.

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Tia was rescued as a terrified 2-year-old, she was so scared she was dangerous, and so when I rescued her, the owners herded her through fields towards me with tractors, they explained she would have to be shot as she was not able to be homed. I wasn't going to leave without her, she was just a traumatized baby.

It took over 6 months to get her to trust me, and slowly she began to understand I wanted to take care of her, not harm her.


Today, now she is 14 years old, and my animal soul mate, Tia is the most affectionate and beautiful mare I have ever had the pleasure of caring for.

Tia loves polo mints, a good scratch on her bottom, and watching what's going on, yes, she is very nosey! 

Both Tia and Onzie are inseparable, they love each other and Tia helps Onzie understand he isn't here to be used, but just here to enjoy life (she is the boss).

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Pom Pom and Popcorn

These two silkies girls came from a busy commercial farm, they joined us in 2020 and are still quite skittish and very scared of humans, which is unlike Silkies as a breed. These girls were kept in a small pen along with around 50 plus other birds, we were extremely glad to rescue and give them a loving home and plenty of space to scratch and peck at grubs.

Pom Pom is the broody one of the two, and Popcorn is learning every day that we are here to take care of her, they are working progress :)

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Pip (Aka Squeak)

Our wonderful, full of fun Pip, totally obsessed with balls!!!

We rescued pip about 3 years ago, she had been given up by her owner as she couldn't look after her, so we agreed to take her, what we found was she was being left alone in the garden, just a baby, craving companionship, it was winter, cold and she was very, very lonely. When we rescued her, she was terrified of doorways and broomsticks, it took us a year to get her to relax when coming in or out of a door.

Pip is now a happy little girl, still nervous with strangers, but craves their attention. She loves to play!

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DOTTY                                            CHARLIE                           DORI                                             JEMIMA

Our recent rescue ducks, who are all adorable! These lovely birds are on their 3rd rescue with us and their last, previously rehomed and looked after, however, due to health reasons and emergency rescue was needed and so we offered them a forever home.

We are so pleased we did, each bird has a lovely personality and so Dotty is brave, always keen to be first to come over to us, and then we have Charlie, well, its hard work being with the ladies, but, he is a little handsome as you can see, they swoon over him! And then we have Dori, who is very shy, who loves swimming and flapping her wings (see above) and lastly, the pretty Jemima, who is sweet, loves food and checking for grubs under the ground. All of them love bathing times, and are quickly becoming relaxed and happy in their new home with us.

If you would like to support our little farm and the animal rescues who live here with us, all donations go directly to feeding and care for the animals.

And very much appreciated

As vegans, we do not eat the eggs from our birds, or make profit from them, their eggs are given away free to our non-vegan friends. And both our horses are not ridden, but enjoy freedom as a horse without expectations.