Online Ordering

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We offer easy online ordering for your convenience.

Just pop over to our online order page and choose what you would like to order and the amounts and we will make sure your order is sent out in tip top condition.

This service is available throughout the UK. 

Available for Hunny Bee Vegan, Lemon Curd, Microgreens & Seasonal Edible Flowers.

Click the button below to see the full list of what is available to order.

Local Delivery

Farmers Market

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Organic Farmers Market

We offer FREE local Delivery for professional Chef's/Restaurants & Retail outlets.

Email us directly using the button below to discuss your intended order.

Please note that all local delivery orders must be pre-booked.

Available for both Microgreens, Baby Leaf Salad & Seasonal Edible Flowers.

Click the button below to discuss your order.

If you would prefer to buy directly from us and chat, then why not consider popping along to one of our local Farmers Markets.

We love meeting our customers face to face and talking through the produce we grow.

Please clip the button below to find out what Markets we will be attending in 2020. Also please note that we also attend occasional events such as Vegan Fairs and other alternative markets.

Click the button below to see the full list of Markets we will be at.

Collection directly from our farm

We occasionally offer the ability for our chef's to come to the farm and collect their produce directly from us, this means the Microgreens, Baby Leaf Salad, and Edible Flowers are at the Freshest that they can be, harvested on the day of collection.


N.B Please note that this service is not available to the general public.


However, we do encourage our customers to visit the farm, and for this reason, we offer friendly OPEN DAYS and special events at the farm, so that the general public are able to see how we grow our plants and flowers and ask us questions about our growing techniques.

If you are a professional chef and would like to view our farm and collect your produce directly, please click the button below to contact us.