Tools we use here on our farm

So you might think that building a Market Garden would require many tools, in fact, the opposite is the answer! OK, yes, I guess it might make life easier for us if we were to spend thousands on farm tractors with every different attachment for every job we need to do. But as far as I know, we haven't won the lottery just yet :) which reminds me, I must check my ticket! We also couldn't justify (just yet) the wonderful walk-behind tractor, such as a BCS which is perfect for a small market garden. So alas, Dave and I use good old 'man power' OK, well a combination of male & female power.

All our tools are simple hand tools, tools you can purchase from any good gardening center or site. And to be honest, there is something lovely about discovering old 'hand me down' tools that were hidden in the depths of grandads shed. We also often go to local markets that sell used tools, where we discover all types of very old but extremely useful tools and for me, the romance of the old wooden tool which was once used by a gardener, somewhere, somehow, many years ago keeps my imagination lit. Oh, and above all, as my old granny used to say ' They don't make them as they use too!' and, she was absolutely right, the tools from long ago were well made, solid objects that are still able to do a remarkable job today.

Now, as I have said, we only use hand tools here on Applewood Acres, apart from:

My trusty, second-hand mower that I found for sale on the side of the road and the little old red ride-on mower, which to be honest, wasn't even purchased for the farm as such, it was so I didn't have to walk from the static we are staying in whilst we convert the barn up to the field every morning, it was cheaper than a quad bike and just as useful for pulling our little blue trailer around the field, which next season will be filled with tote buckets piled full of veggies! 

As for the hand tools;

Oscilating Hoes to scrape off baby weeds

Shovels for scooping up the manure and compost to spread on beds (NOT to dig!)

30" Rakes to rake over the beds to get ready for seeding

Knife for cutting crops

Scissors for microgreen cutting

Natural String for straight sowing

Thats about it really, but obviously we have trays in the polytunnel and watering items etc. We also do our best to collect as much rainwater as possible to help the farm.

So as you can see, it's very easy, we try and keep everything here as simple and uncomplicated as possible.

Rake and Hoes