Hunny Bee Vegan

Our homemade, delicious, sweet & sticky Vegan Honey Alternative, made exclusively from crisp English Apples (from our own orchards, season depending) and delicately infused with British Lavender (Our own grown Lavender is used where possible).

Every jar is lovingly handmade here at Applewood Acres Market Garden for your enjoyment.


We adore bees, of all types, and do our best to provide the perfect habitat here on-site, planting as many of different types of flowers as possible, along with bee homes, and wild areas.


What we do not do is use their own food to create our honey alternative, if you would like to learn more about why honey is not vegan, please click the link which will be perfectly explained by the vegan society.


You can use our Vegan Honey alternative as you would any regular bee honey, spread over toast, use in tea, add to cakes, make sticky/sweet sauces, in fact, the list of ways to use our product is endless! Feel free to share your own pictures and recipe ideas on our Instagram page.

Stockist enquiries welcome

          Made by hand, NOT by bees.



Did you know? We also make Vegan Lemon Curd!

                     Lemony, Juicy, spreadable deliciousness!

                                 Completely Dairy-Free